Sesam Mini

  • Two sturdy metal shelves and two hooks for buckets or cleaning cloths
  • The perfect place to store cleaning equipment and shoe-cleaning tools
  • Can also be used to store groceries and spices
  • Can be installed in high or low units, on the inner wall or on the inside of the door
  • An excellent addition to Sesam Standard for cleaning cupboards
  • Easy assembly – four screws are all you need
  • You can move the shelves and hooks around to suit your preferences
  • The shelves' bases are closed, which stops bottles from toppling and small items from falling through

Product Packages

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Here is the article overview:


Sesam Mini

Multi-purpose shelf system

  • Can be fixed to the right or left wall
  • Modular system, so the shelves are height-adjustable

Set includes:
1 shelf system
2 clip-on shelves
2 clip-on hooks

Surface Width Depth Height MOQ Art.No. Price CHF Amount
white  121  278  434  600.0380.01  CHF 89,50   
silver  121  278  434  600.0380.12  CHF 89,50   
anthracite  121  278  434  600.0380.43  CHF 94,00   

Clip-on hook (extra)

To clip onto the clip-on shelf Libell Sesam

Surface Width Depth Height MOQ Art.No. Price CHF Amount
white  50  48  88  600.0359.01  CHF 9,50   
silver  50  48  88  600.0359.12  CHF 9,50   
anthracite  50  48  88  600.0359.43  CHF 10,00