Barrier-free living


peka's product range features a lot of items that are perfect fits for barrier-free kitchens and living areas. They help people with disabilities and elderly people to improve their quality of life by making things that bit more convenient.

Our solutions are not just functional and easy to use, they are attractive too - after all, we do not believe that you should be deprived of outstanding design just because you want a sturdy, practical and well-organised storage system. Our fittings, accessories and interior solutions for kitchens, living areas, dressing rooms and offices make storage as simple, clear and compact as possible.

It is often the everyday things that make the biggest difference to our lives. That is especially true when it comes to working in the kitchen. The ideal barrier-free kitchen should be perfectly matched to its users' needs. A well-planned and carefully designed kitchen helps people of all ages, with or without disabilities, to manage their day-to-day lives independent

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peka's pull-out systems have built-in soft opening and closing mechanisms, so they glide open and closed with ease. Maximum performance with a bare minimum of effort - a convenient, practical solution.

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From chopping boards and kitchen knives to condiments: Kitchen Tower has space for all the things that would otherwise be scattered throughout the kitchen so you do not need to open lots of doors and move around from place to place to find everything you need for cooking.

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Anyone with mobility issues is sure to appreciate these smart solutions, which bring stored items out of the unit to where you can reach them. We have pull-out systems for every kind of unit - they swing, pivot or lower themselves into place with a gentle, controlled movement to give you a full overview of the unit contents. Besides, the systems' ergonomic handles are height-adjustable.

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Pull-out shelves that are open at the front let you see your unit's contents at a glance. You do not even have to open them, as you would a drawer. That takes some of the work out of locating and removing items. When the shelf is fully extended, you have excellent access to all the groceries, tableware and other items you have stored - even if they are right at the back of the unit. The shelves' bases are closed so nothing can fall through them, and magnetic dividers stop everything from sliding around. A great solution for people with disabilities - but also for a child-friendly kitchen.

  • Plan the layout carefully
  • Keep an area of at least 150 x 150 cm clear in front of units
  • Doors should be at least 90 cm wide
  • Put work surfaces at a practical height or fit height-adjustable solutions*
  • Design work surfaces, the sink and the cooker so that a wheelchair can fit under them and/or their heights can be adjusted*
  • Install sturdy rails for gripping
  • Wheelchair-friendly sink: opt for a flush-mounted drainpipe or a floating sink
  • Fit a hose tap to the sink
  • Ensure easy access to the fridge, oven and dishwasher
  • Choose an induction cooker with parallel rings
  • Install a remote-controlled extractor fan
  • Optimise the storage space in the units
    •  torage unit solutions (base unit, corner unit, larder unit) that can be pulled right out (full extension) - with electronic controls as an option
    • Medicine cabinets*, pull-out shelves*, swivelling basket systems*
    • Choose contrasting colours and keep brightness in mind - for instance, if the kitchen units are light-coloured, opt for anthracite pull-outs*
  • Make sure that wall units* are within easy reach or can be lowered* - with electronic controls as an option
  • Fit folding doors* or lifting doors instead of conventional cabinet doors
  • Ensure that there are at least three sockets on every wall, including beside the cooker
  • Opt for easy-grip ergonomic handles* in a colour that contrasts with the units
  • Ensure that the light level is at least 500 lux
  • Fit extra lights over the work surfaces and cooker
  • Cover the floor with non-slip, easy-clean flooring
  • Organise the space inside the kitchen units*: drawers and pull-outs with non-slip mats* and smooth-moving, fully extendable sliding systems