Sesam Bag

  • Recyclables like PET, cardboard, glass and aluminium cans are usually kept in ordinary shopping bags and taken to the recycling point in these
  • Sesam Bag provides fuss-free, space-saving storage for bags of recyclables
  • Room for up to three bags:
    • 1 bag on the metal shelf
    • 1 bag hanging from the metal shelf
    • 1 bag on the unit floor under the metal shelf
  • Can be teamed with the Sesam Standard shelf system for cleaning cupboards or peka's new dustpan and brush holder
  • Holder comes with 3 fixed hooks and 1 extra hook for hanging up recycling bags or other tools
  • Other applications
    • in the kitchen
    • in the bathroom
    • as a compact hall stand in the hallway
    • for hanging up aprons and towels in the hobby room

Sesam Bag

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