Are you planning a new kitchen?

Then do it with peka. We will pull out all the stops to ensure that your kitchen not only looks good, but also – and more importantly – makes your work easier and takes some of the stress out of your day-to-day life. From spacious larder unit pull-outs and smart corner storage solutions to handy waste systems, peka's ingenious mechanisms and kitchen and furniture fittings will soon have you feeling right at home in your new or renovated kitchen.

More than just a place to cook
A tastefully designed kitchen is the heart of a home – especially if it is open-plan, as is often the case nowadays. It is a place to spend quality time with your family, cook and catch up with friends, enjoy a glass of wine with someone special – or even have a bit of quiet time alone at the breakfast bar, with all the ingredients for your favourite muesli to hand. Since it plays such a central role in your household, your own custom kitchen should reflect your tastes and your joie de vivre whilst also providing comfort and convenience. 

A practical kitchen, designed with you in mind
Kitchens are usually planned on a computer, using simulations to help you visualise what your kitchen will be like before it is built. However, a kitchen's interior is far more important than its exterior – having a ready response to every storage need makes your life so much easier.

So when you are planning your kitchen, take a minute to consider where you can store your groceries, pots and pans, cleaning products, tableware and more so as to make best use of space and always have the items you want on hand when you need them. We can offer a wealth of practical advice to help you create the kitchen you want: a practical kitchen, designed with you in mind.

Waste processing

"We hardly ever think about waste, but it causes so many problems in the household."





"My perfect kitchen? One where everything I need for cooking is always within easy reach."


Use of space

"Our kitchen is great because we can use every last inch of space in it."




Food storage

"My units should be organised to suit me, not the other way around."