"My perfect kitchen? One where everything I need for cooking is always within easy reach."

When planning your unit interiors, make sure you can access all the storage space they offer. Spaces that are very high up or very low down – or very deep in the unit – can be hard to get to. peka's storage mechanisms and systems bring everything within easy reach – however far away it may have seemed at first glance.

peka Erreichbarkeit Küche Stauraum Vorratsschrank Hochschrank


With peka's Pegasus lift system, you can simply pull your unit's contents down to where you can reach them, giving you excellent access to all the items on the highest shelf and helping you make full use of all your kitchen's storage space, however far back, up or down it may be.


Just pull out the shelf to see all the groceries, tableware and other items you have stored, even if they are at the back of the unit. Open-fronted pull-out shelves give you a clear view and easy access to their contents. You do not even have to open them first, like you would with a drawer. A great addition to an open-plan kitchen.


Get an excellent overview with one simple movement: when you open the door, the system glides smoothly out of the unit and lets you see and access its contents from three sides. The shelves are height-adjustable, so you can move them around to fit the items you want to store.

Kitchen Tower base unit pull-out

Kitchen Tower has it all in hand: it is the ideal solution for storing the key items you need for cooking. Chopping boards, knives, condiments, oil, vinegar... Kitchen Tower has space for all the things that would otherwise be scattered throughout the kitchen.


Items that belong together should be kept together – in a single unit. With Kitchen Tower, there is no need to go hunting through the kitchen for the cooking utensils and ingredients you need – they are all stowed neatly in the same place, saving you both time and effort.

These products bring all your storage surfaces within easy reach: