Liro shelves fit with the customer's style as they can be combined with rails for a tailor-made look. Users can choose to pair the shelves with rails made of solid oak, which are the perfect complement to wooden front panels and warm colours, or, alternatively, they can opt for glass, compact laminates, aluminium or another material. Without rails, Liro shelves ooze calm sophistication. Combined with inserted rails, they create an eye-catching effect as the unit door is opened.

Liro is defined by its clean lines and uncomplicated shape, yet the details of the new design reveal peka's exceptional expertise in metal processing. The shelves are made of top-quality coated sheet steel, folded with millimetre precision: every angle is exactly right. This material, so typical of peka products, allows designs with very thin walls but no compromise on stability. The shelves are easy to clean thanks to their even surface, and they can be recycled as a single material at the end of their life. Liro shelves can also be visually and functionally enhanced with hard-wearing, discreet silicone mats.

Liro design line

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