FreezyBoy organic waste bins


A world first in practical organic waste bins: no more unpleasant odours

Before now, anyone who wanted to avoid unpleasant odours and swarms of fruit flies in their kitchen had no choice but to empty their organic waste bins regularly and store them outside the kitchen. But a Lucerne-based Swiss start-up has changed all that with its new invention: FreezyBoy chills organic waste to -5°C and stops it from decomposing.

It is a familiar problem: if you collect organic household waste for recycling, it decomposes, which inevitably creates a strong odour and attracts fruit flies. That is why many people choose not to recycle their organic waste – instead, they put it in their ordinary waste bin or even flush it down the toilet. Environmentally speaking, this is far from ideal. But help is at hand: Lucerne-based start-up Avantyard has developed an effective solution to the problem, FreezyBoy.

Problem-free storage of organic waste for weeks – or even months
FreezyBoy is a unique cooling appliance that chills organic waste to -5°C and stops it from decomposing. There are no unpleasant odours, pests and germs cannot multiply and mould cannot grow. Thanks to FreezyBoy, food scraps and peelings can easily be stored in the kitchen for weeks at a time. FreezyBoy can be used alone or installed as a complete waste sorting system, Oeko FreezyBoy, which is available from peka. 

The small company Avantyard was founded by three partners in 2015 and launched Switzerland’s most successful crowdfunding project ever to support the development of FreezyBoy. The result? The only solution of its kind in the world for handling organic kitchen waste. peka-metall AG, the market leader for user-friendly, ecologically designed waste sorting systems, backed the project right 

from the outset. And so it is only fitting that peka will be the exclusive global distributor of the finished product, as the Oeko FreezyBoy waste system, from 2018. The appliance itself is made by renowned Swiss appliance manufacturer V-Zug.