The Trio larder unit system: for price-conscious customers


Trio is peka’s efficient storage solution for price-conscious customers. When the unit door is opened, the top part of the storage area splits into shallow fixed shelves and three door shelves, giving users an excellent overview of all their groceries and eliminating the need to rummage around in the back of the unit. The two Extendo shelves in the bottom part of the unit can be pulled out for exceptionally easy access to heavy items like pots.

A clear, attractive layout and unbeatable access – what more could you ask for in a larder unit?

  • When the unit is opened, the system offers a full overview and direct access
  • Two Extendo pull-out shelves provide an excellent overview and immediate access to heavy pots and kitchen appliances
  • Easy front access and a full view of all shelf contents when fully extended
  • Uses every last inch of space across the entire width of the unit
  • Everything in the unit is easy to reach – even items stored on the top shelf, since the shelves are only half the depth of the unit
  • Smaller groceries and spice jars in the door shelves
  • Bigger bags and groceries on the shelves inside the unit
  • The door shelves can be fixed in place with just two screws
  • The shelves' rounded corners and edges make them easy to clean
  • Suitable for units with standard hinges (front panels with handles or handle-free front panels with push-to-open system)