Base units

WxH: 200 x from 520 mm
CHF 139,50

Das platzsparende Auszugsystem für die kompakte Küche-200.1273.01_M1-peka-Unterschrank-Snello
  • Special two-stage extension system for narrow base units (150, 200 and 300 mm)
  • Great for storing spices, cleaning materials or bottles
  • The shelves' closed bases stop bottles from toppling and small items from falling through
Unterschrank Unterbauschrank Flaschenauszug Handtuchauszug peka
  • Towel rail with a handy plastic container for hand towels, cloths and sponges
  • A great solution for those small spaces around the sink or cooker
Das platzsparende Auszugsystem für die kompakte Küche-200.1283.43_D1-peka-Unterschrank-Snello
  • The shelves are easy to remove for cleaning
  • Moves smoothly and quietly
  • No visible guide rails Excellent access from the left or the right
  • Push-to-open available as an option for handle-free front panels
  • The Push-to-open mechanism is fastened to the side wall, under the upper rail The trigger is attached to the tubular frame

peka base unit pull-out Snello

Color lines


For Snello base unit pull-outs and towel rail extension in units with handle-free front panels

  • Compatible with Snello Push-to-open (from mid-November 2019)
  • Opens the unit front by around 50 mm
  • Can be retrofitted

Set contains:
1 Push-to-open mechanism
1 trigger
2 screws

NB: For this mechanism to work, the Softclose device at the top of the unit must be deactivated

CHF 37,00

Non-slip mat magnetic Libell

For Snello 150/200 base unit full-extension pull-out

  • Magnetic
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
CHF 10,00

Divider set magnetic

For Libell and Fioro shelves

  • Can be attached to the shelf (base or side) or the non-slip mat

Set of 4 pieces

CHF 24,00