Customisable system for base units

Pinello product family

Covering an array of applications with just a few core items: that's the philosophy behind peka's latest family of base unit pull-outs. The metal fabricators and storage professionals have come up with a truly ingenious product system.

Pinello is the name of peka's newly launched product family, and it covers all the functions you could want from a base unit.
Pinello Spice is the slender pull-out spice rack that fits in a 150-mm-wide unit. Designed for unit widths of 200 and 300 mm, Pinello Cargo is the 'big daddy' of the family, boasting an incredible amount of storage space. Pinello Towel is an extending towel rail while Pinello Board provides easy access to boards and trays. There's even Pinello Bread, intended specifically for that most ubiquitous of foods. As well as fulfilling their designated functions, Pinello Towel, Board and Bread also offer additional storage space. Last but not least, Pinello can also be sold as a purely internal pull-out for furniture with hinged doors and is used, for example, next to the waste bin to store cleaning materials.

Benefits at a glance

As usual with peka products, Pinello pull-outs are made of coated sheet steel, which has some first-rate advantages as a material. It can be made into thin-walled yet highly stable products, guaranteeing the best possible use of available space. The shelves have closed bases that stop bottles and small items from toppling over or falling through. They are also incredibly easy to clean.

All Pinello pull-outs are fitted with a Softclose mechanism for smooth, silent closing, and a push-to-open system is also available for handle-free doors. Their high degree of lateral stability ensures good sliding properties, and the pull-outs move smoothly and easily thanks to the top-quality Grass Nova Pro or Blum Legrabox runners for which they are designed.

Variety without complexity

"Pinello is the most efficient system I know of," enthuses the peka product manager – and he isn't referring to its quick and easy assembly. The system is clever because it uses just a few basic elements to offer an array of different configurations.

A Pinello is always a double-decker, but with the freely positionable extra shelf, up to four levels are possible. This means that each Pinello product is compatible with multiple unit heights. There are also add-ons such as the bottle rack, non-slip mats and magnetic dividers. This platform strategy culminates in the design. A pull-out is available in three basic colours, white, silver and anthracite, but these colours can be supplemented with light-oak rails if desired. Customers can even specify their own choice of material instead of oak.

All in all, Pinello is a highly efficient system that greatly reduces the number of component items, which saves on both storage space and inventory value. It will be of interest to anyone who values a tightly-organised, clearly-arranged warehouse.