Designers' Saturday 2018

Pecasa shelf system in the spotlight

A dark space – a wall full of shelves. Light beams play over the smart furniture, revealing a variety of applications from hallway to dressing room to home office. Individual shelf components connect or share situations. The interplay of sounds, objects, movements and light brings the shelving to life, transforming the space in surprising ways and showing off Pecasa's modularity and customisable materials to their full effect.

On its stand at Designers’ Saturday, peka is showcasing the flexibility and modularity of its Pecasa shelf system using a 4.50 m wall that has been kitted out with Pecasa shelves over its entire height. 

Light beams are used to highlight the system's many and varied applications, which are illustrated with light effects and animations. For instance, the shelf system has a build-in cable duct that allows easy integration of lighting, TVs, tablets or other devices.

The wall backdrop may show a living room, dressing room, home office, hallway or child's room, depending on the light effects employed at the time. Each lighting concept tells a different story. The objects on the shelves or the sounds they hear tell visitors which use case is being explored at any given time and help to immerse them in the experience. This innovative display shows that one shelf can suit a variety of situations, since the individual shelves remain the same across use cases and link one application to another.

Visitors to peka's stand are plunged into a dark space, where light animations bring the Pecasa shelf system to life and highlight the endless possibilities it offers.

As visitors leave the stand, they encounter a silhouetted black unit. Upon opening its doors, they reveal the unit's attractively lit interior the sheer variety of pull-out systems offered by peka is sure to astound any visitor who opens the unit doors the stand's dark backdrop really makes the anthracite, white, wooden and coloured fittings pop, while the unit interiors have been selected carefully to complement the colours and materials used.