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Locking mechanism for pull-outs Click Stop

  • Click Stop temporarily transforms a movable pull-out shelf into a fixed work surface
  • The shelf will not retract unexpectedly while you are working
  • Ideal as a pull-out shelf for your coffee machine, a desk for your home office, a laundry table, a presentation table, a food preparation space, a packing table or a changing table
  • Easy to use: The shelf automatically locks in place when fully extended.
  • Unlock with only one hand: pull the shelf forward again and then slide it back into place
  • The shelf can be removed and replaced at any time
Unterschrank Auszugsarretierung Click Stop peka
  • To be fitted above standard sliding systems for wooden drawers and at the back of the rear wall of wooden shelves
  • Only requires 18 mm of space behind the shelf
  • Click Stop is also compatible with Extendo shelves and can simply be clipped onto the underside of the shelf (from below) – no tools required!
  • The guide pin is laterally adjustable to take account of tolerances between the shelf and the side wall
  • Click Stop can be retrofitted
  • Extension is stopped by the concealed rail under the shelf, so no strain is placed on the Click Stop device

Click Stop locking mechanism for pull-outs

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Click Stop set

Locking mechanism for Extendo pull-out shelves and wooden pull-out shelves

  • Compatible with Extendo
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Compatible with Extendo pull-out shelves
  • For pull-out shelves with standard concealed rails for wooden drawers

Set contains:
Set of 1 guiding cam for each side wall (left+ right)
Set of 2 locking units for pull-out shelves

Recommendation on using 1 or 2 Click Stops:

  • Shelf pull-out ≤ 500 mm: 1 Click Stop, to be fitted on the left or the right
  • Shelf pull-out from 500 mm: 2 Click Stops (1 left, 1 right)
  • Shelf pull-out in corner unit: 1 Click Stop, to be fitted on the left or the right
Type Surface Width Depth Height MOQ Art.No. Price CHF Amount
right+left  white  178  18  55  200.2666.51  CHF 24,50   
right+left  anthracite  178  18  55  200.2666.43  CHF 24,50   

Spacer piece

For Click Stop, when used with an Extendo pull-out shelf with spacer

  • Can be fitted on the left or the right
Surface Width Depth Height MOQ Art.No. Price CHF Amount
white  25  92  33  200.2223.21  CHF 12,00   
anthracite  25  92  33  200.2223.43  CHF 12,50   

Punching template

Optional for Click Stop when used with Extendo pull-out shelves

  • An easy way to mark the holes needed for securing the guiding cam – no need for measuring
Surface Width Depth Height MOQ Art.No. Price CHF Amount
silver  187  120  17  200.2465.12  CHF 9,50