Larder units

Vorratsschrank/Hochschrank Extendo
  • Compatible with any kind of unit – even units with hinged doors or no doors at all
  • Easy front access and a complete overview of contents when fully extended
  • Great for storing tableware, pots and groceries
Vorratsschrank/Hochschrank Extendo
  • Uses every last inch of space in the unit
  • Individual shelves can be extended fully
  • Can be fitted in any unit, whatever the width
  • The metal shelves are extremely stable, even when they are very wide
Vorratsschrank/Hochschrank Extendo
  • The shelves' rounded corners and edges make them easy to clean
  • Compatible with all standard drawer runners
  • The Click Stop locking mechanism prevents Extendo pull-out shelves from rolling back into the unit too soon

peka pull-out shelf Extendo Libell

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