Waste processing
Oeko FreezyBoy Universal

  • FreezyBoy chills organic waste to -5°C
  • This prevents decomposition and banishes unpleasant odours
  • You only need to empty the inner container when it is full
  • The easy-to-carry inner container is dishwasher safe
        • The pull-out metal shelf offers extra storage space
        • A smart locking system holds the bin and FreezyBoy in position on the floor of the pull-out
        • The height of the system (40-litre bin + FreezyBoy) can be adjusted through 30 mm, so it fits under any sink
        Abfallentsorgung Abfalltrennsystem Komposteimer Grünkübel FreezyBoy
        • For 600 mm units:
          Waste bags of various sizes (15-50 litres) can quickly and easily be clipped into the frame of the 40-litre plastic bin included with Oeko Universal FreezyBoy for 600 mm units

        Oeko FreezyBoy

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