Base units
Pinello Board

  • A baking-tray pull-out that doesn't rattle when opened, as boards and trays remain inside the unit
  • Trays and chopping boards are stored vertically and don't slide around
  • Complete overview and easy access immediately after opening
  • Tray holder that is height-adjustable to your needs
  • The baking-tray holder is screwed to the unit, so there is no additional load on the runners
  • Two unit heights and up to four levels possible with just one pair of runners
  • Maximum use of width thanks to thin-walled shelves
  • Optional extra shelf makes maximum use of height
  • Optional accessories allowing customised use of shelf space: extra shelf, bottle rack, magnetic dividers, oak railing inserts, push-to-open mechanism

Pinello 300 mm

Product Packages

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